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These are resources that I use personally as a professional coach and as a curious woman of the world.  These books, podcasts, and other gems are my Go-Tos when I need inspiration, clarity, new motivation for growth or just something fun to give my time to. 

All of these have played and continue to play a huge role in me getting to live the life I LOVE. I will pass them along with love, in hopes they will do the same for you.

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The Prophet

Khalil Gibran

This book is LIFE. Seriously, if you want a little book that packs a punch—this book has got your back. Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese poet (Please don’t be intimidated by the “poet” part. His work is easily understood.) who walked around with the manuscript of this book by his side for FOUR years before publishing it. It is his masterpiece. Truly, this book holds so much spiritual and life-on-earth truth. It is my Go-To for clarity and understanding when I’m frazzled or desperate for answers.

Listen to it on audio book, buy the hard copy--but whatever you do, DO THE EXERCISES! If you feel icky about finances or held back in your life because you don’t have the money for X, this book is for you. Real Talk: You get as much out of it as you put into it. My copy is marked up, and I have filled journals from actively doing the exercises at the end of each chapter. Totally the book that helped me arrive at where I am at now.

Noteworthy: This is a great read if you are trying to access the abundance mindset, but don’t know where to start.

A brilliant book if you or someone you know is struggling with: finding your fit/tribe, listening to your heart, feeling like you have to shut off a part of yourself to belong, cannot fathom how to even start living out all the sides of you (i.e. keeping yourself compartmentalized). This book will reveal what it’s like to stand on your own and how to follow the beat of your own rhythm when everyone around you wants your song to be the same as their’s. A good read if you’ve already braved, are boldly waiting to, or are terrified to approach the wilderness of your authentic self.

If you are an empath—someone who feels emotions and energy, especially those of others—this book might interest you. Everyone has intuition; we just are living in a time in history where measurable data hold more weight. Intuition is just another way of knowing and understanding. For those who operate off of feeling, this book will help you to hone those skills. For those of you who want to learn to listen to yourself more, this book will start you on that process. Again, in order to get something valuable from it—you have to intentionally do the exercises.


Gregory David Roberts

Riveting nonfiction novel for those who live life deeply, who travel with a full heart, who connect with people everywhere they go, who know life holds darkness and light. Brilliant book. It is a true story. How Roberts weaves in spiritual dialog will leave you breathless, with your BIG questions answered, and wanting more...good thing there is a sequel.



Personality Hacker

Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge

Captivating and practical podcast for those who LOVE learning how people operate. This husband-wife duo uses the Myers Briggs personality types as their foundations. I love their extended episodes on each personality type so much that I’ve had my family and friends all take the test, so I could listen to that specific episode with them and discover what was true/false for them...These personality hackers are pretty spot on! So great for strengthen relationships and developing deeper understandings of yourself and others.

This podcast is a gem. When you are exhausted or put off by the small talk that surrounds you, tune into any of these episodes. Oprah connects and converses with some of the today’s greatest souls to explore big ideas, share experiences, and expose what truly matters in life. Surrounding myself with high-vibing, positive, impactful conversations (even if I’m not participating in them) helps me remember the massive amounts of opportunity and potential for good that exists in the world.

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Live The Life You Love

"One way I live the life I love is to constantly be learning. New ideas inspire me and feed my soul."

— Morgan Lea, Whole Life Coach

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Other Gems

TED Talks

Big talk

If you haven’t yet discovered the world of TED, do so now! These are recorded talks of global progressives from all around the world: scientists, activists, artists, moms, teachers, etc. These videos are filled with BIG TALK, rather than the small talk that fills most of our days.


Audio Books

I love audio books! Audible is great—fantastic customer service. If you don’t like the book you purchased, you can return it any time. They have a free trail and different membership plans.


Audio Books

Another fantastic audio book site. An abundance of titles to select from, and for a small monthly fee you can listen to AS MANY audiobooks as you’d like. It’s unlimited!


myers briggs typing

This website has you take a short personality test and will generate your Myers Briggs personality typing for free. This site has detailed descriptions of each type. My favorite thing is to pair this with the Personality Hacker podcast episode on that particular type!



When I really started to take the plunge into self-investment and professional coaching, music played such an integral role: to experience my feelings, to have a cathartic release from an emotion/destructive pattern, to celebrate clarity, to take breaks from intense times of focus, etc., etc., etc. Music is powerful. Spotify always has the song I’m looking for, an already made playlist that reflects the mood I’m in, or something I’ve never heard before that is ready to take me into my next layer. I would not have learned how to give myself as much ME time if it wasn’t for Spotify. Keep rockin’, Spotify!