Does Your Enthusiasm Get the Best of YOU?

For those of us who want ALL THE AMAZINGNESS out of life, we have to take a little lesson from the master of life--Nature. The plant metaphor has gotten me through some turbulent and also just slow (lower energetic) times when I was trying to create something out of nothing--a new habit, a new mindset, a new business! Planting the seed is only ONE part of the life cycle. Find out what else you need to get your fully bloomed garden of possibilities and abundance!

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Life Long Learner or Perfectionist: Which Are You?

So many Perfectionists are walking around telling folks they are Life Long Learners--I've been guilty of it myself! 

What if screwing up could be fun? What if getting it wrong means making it so much better? What if there was no more pressure to get it right the FIRST time? 

This vlog dives into the felt differences of Perfectionists and Life Long Learners. I hope this information creates some opening in your life--It DEFINITELY did for mine!

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Sprints VS Marathons: Which Race Are You Running?

It is nice to be interested in changing your current situation, but do you really know what it takes? Are your running a sprint...or the longer marathon? Each one requires a different skill set. Find out which race you are running and what that means for you in this vlog!

If you are are seeking to change up your life around romance, friendship, family, career, finances, your own self-esteem, or physical fitness this vlog is for you! 

I explore two VERY important elements of creating permanent transformation in your life. 1) Commitment 2) Consistent Dedication. Knowing where you are in your own journey is essential to getting what you desire. Do you even know where you are in your own transformation? You've got to know where you are, so you can get to where you are going! 

As always, if this one resonates with you, please comment, share, and discuss it with a loved-one!

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Tough Love: Got It?

Tough Love is a key element in personal growth and development. It is the reality check that often slaps us across the face (metaphorically speaking, of course). It is the honest dialog that can only happen in relationships that we feel safe to show up as our full selves. 

How many of you are in need of some tough love? Can you hear it without getting defensive? 

Often times we are craving to be seen and heard, which are essential for establishing trust and safety in relationships. However, if we are seeking CHANGE being seen and heard don't always work; being challenged is what actually satisfies our appetite of change and shakes us out of our SAMENESS. A challenge of tough love from someone that wants the most for you is one way to get you out of our own way.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. Tough love is one remedy to cure insanity and get us to the next levels of our lives. REALITY CHECK? PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

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What's Stopping You?!

What's stopping you? Where are you blocked? What are you wanting, but not getting? This vlog explores two different avenues that could potentially be blocking you from getting what you desire.


They are important to distinguish from one another. Skills are your RESOURCES and TECHNICAL ABILITIES, where as will is your BEING and WILLINGNESS.  This vlog gives examples of where skills and will show up for growing a business, dating, and negotiating a salary; however, this little nugget can be used with your discretion for so much more!

If you are able to identify one of these as the reason for your blockage, then  you can use your new awareness to get some forward movement in your life! Shake up your current situation by getting some more skills or changing up your will. 

Is this scary? Yeah. 

Is this the easy way through life? No. 

Is this a strategy that could result in some pretty powerful change? Definitely. 

When one rises, we all rise. Cheers to each of us on our journey to our most authentic, next level, higher selves!

If this nugget was the Ah Ha you've been seeking, please share.

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Strengthen YOUR Decision-Making Skills

How often do you let external factors like time, money, or pleasing another person guide your decision? This video explores the idea of making decisions from our own internal--our desires, our wants, and what works best for us. 

There is no better time than now to start exploring your life from the internal factors. Balance, alignment, and wellbeing all come as we make more decisions from our internal compass. If you’re anything like me, it will be challenging at first—so many of us are conditioned to put every other detail, factor, and element before ourselves. Often times it’s hard to hear what we even want. Let’s strengthen this muscle, so we can keep our own cups full. The world benefits when we are SO FULL that we have plenty to give others. 

Go ahead, give this one a try--make a decision from purely what would bring you the most satisfaction and see what happens.

If this Nugget of Knowledge resonates with you, please share it. If you go ahead and give Decision Making from The Internal a try, let me know your results. Happy experimenting!

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Try THIS Emotional Intelligence Tool

This vlog explores an emotional intelligence tool that we are all born with, but tend to lose, wildly manipulate, or get shamed for as we age. This emotionally mature tool is called Self-Soothing. 

Fact: Life doesn't always go our way. How do you handle the moments of disappointment, tension, disease, sadness, frustration, etc.? Life isn't always a problem that needs to be solved or fixed. Sometimes life just happens and we just experience it...cue riding the wave of EMOTIONS all the way to shore. 

There is a bias in society that self-soothing is only intended for children. That once we hit a certain age, we "should" have the complex problem-solving skills necessary to handle our emotions and keep ourselves "composed." Well, here is the tricky part: the skill needed to feel through our emotions and come out the other side composed and with healthy learning IS self-soothing!

Complex problem-solving skills like logic and reason have their place. Their place comes AFTER emotion passes through us.  Their place is when we are ready to extract the learning from the situation to move forward as a more resourceful humans in our own lived experience. 

Let's learn to be with our emotions rather than avoiding, suppressing, or masking them--there are SO many Nuggets of Knowledge living in our emotions. It's time to go back to the basics and learn from the little people in the world that we once were.

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Third Party Compliments

Let's help each other heal by sharing the good things other people say about us when we are not around. Third party compliments help us to participate deeper in life, share life with others, and rewrite the negative narrative of gossip. 

This video explores the difficulty and distrust we sometimes feel around receiving compliments directly. Having the buffer of a Third Party Compliment eliminates the second guessing to allow us to fully accept acknowledgement of who we are and what we do incredibly well--even if it's uncomfortable. This video also discusses the pressure of giving a compliment immediately after receiving one: the good news is that Third Party Compliments eliminate that pressure completely!

It's time we all elevate one another. The time of living in our heads with panic about what others say about us is coming to an end. Let's express kindness, goodness, and authenticity through Third Party Compliments. How will you participate? As Compliment Creator, Receiver, or the very important Compliment Sharer?

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Thinking: Do You Do It?

Thinking is a muscle, how often do you exercise it? 

This video looks at two different ways of being in the world--reactive and intentional--and the role healthy thinking plays in each. 

Exercising the Thinking Muscle is beneficial to all aspects of our lives. When our Thinking Muscle is strong we can be more satisfied in our every day life. When our Thinking Muscle is weak we get caught in overthinking and reactivity. 

I briefly share one thinking palette (or thinking process) called the Artful Thinking Palette that strengthens our Thinking Muscle. See-Wonder-Connect helps me slow down, explore range of possibilities, and consciously choose how I will move forward. 

The Artful Thinking Palette comes from Harvard Graduate School

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