Meditation: What They Don't Tell You.

Is meditation intimidating to you, but deep down you have a knowing that you would benefit from it? Do you ever think, "I can't do meditation" or "What if I fall asleep?" or "5 minutes is sooooo long" or "I tried meditation, and in 1 minute I start to think. I give up.”

If you thought any of these things, this vlog is for you. I am sick of people putting meditation in a box and making people believe there is a right and wrong way of doing it. The truth is ANYONE CAN DO MEDITATION--THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY--AND IT CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE!

I hope that this vlog puts meditation into a new perspective for you. I hope that something you hear will give you the courage and inspiration to give it a chance, because living with no stress and IN THE MOMENT (i.e. being present) is something everyone deserves to experience. Namaste.