Try THIS Emotional Intelligence Tool

This vlog explores an emotional intelligence tool that we are all born with, but tend to lose, wildly manipulate, or get shamed for as we age. This emotionally mature tool is called Self-Soothing. 

Fact: Life doesn't always go our way. How do you handle the moments of disappointment, tension, disease, sadness, frustration, etc.? Life isn't always a problem that needs to be solved or fixed. Sometimes life just happens and we just experience it...cue riding the wave of EMOTIONS all the way to shore. 

There is a bias in society that self-soothing is only intended for children. That once we hit a certain age, we "should" have the complex problem-solving skills necessary to handle our emotions and keep ourselves "composed." Well, here is the tricky part: the skill needed to feel through our emotions and come out the other side composed and with healthy learning IS self-soothing!

Complex problem-solving skills like logic and reason have their place. Their place comes AFTER emotion passes through us.  Their place is when we are ready to extract the learning from the situation to move forward as a more resourceful humans in our own lived experience. 

Let's learn to be with our emotions rather than avoiding, suppressing, or masking them--there are SO many Nuggets of Knowledge living in our emotions. It's time to go back to the basics and learn from the little people in the world that we once were.

Morgan LeaComment