Strengthen YOUR Decision-Making Skills

How often do you let external factors like time, money, or pleasing another person guide your decision? This video explores the idea of making decisions from our own internal--our desires, our wants, and what works best for us. 

There is no better time than now to start exploring your life from the internal factors. Balance, alignment, and wellbeing all come as we make more decisions from our internal compass. If you’re anything like me, it will be challenging at first—so many of us are conditioned to put every other detail, factor, and element before ourselves. Often times it’s hard to hear what we even want. Let’s strengthen this muscle, so we can keep our own cups full. The world benefits when we are SO FULL that we have plenty to give others. 

Go ahead, give this one a try--make a decision from purely what would bring you the most satisfaction and see what happens.

If this Nugget of Knowledge resonates with you, please share it. If you go ahead and give Decision Making from The Internal a try, let me know your results. Happy experimenting!

Morgan LeaComment