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Meditation: What They Don't Tell You.

Is meditation intimidating to you, but deep down you have a knowing that you would benefit from it? Do you ever think, "I can't do meditation" or "What if I fall asleep?" or "5 minutes is sooooo long" or "I tried meditation, and in 1 minute I start to think. I give up.”

If you thought any of these things, this vlog is for you. I am sick of people putting meditation in a box and making people believe there is a right and wrong way of doing it. The truth is ANYONE CAN DO MEDITATION--THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY--AND IT CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE!

I hope that this vlog puts meditation into a new perspective for you. I hope that something you hear will give you the courage and inspiration to give it a chance, because living with no stress and IN THE MOMENT (i.e. being present) is something everyone deserves to experience. Namaste.

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Expect Miracles

How often do you expect and prepare for the worst? How different would your life be if you did the opposite: expect and prepare for the absolute best? Would you be happier, would overwhelm and anxiety finally take a break from living in your head, would you start living...truly living? 

This video just brushes the surface of the possibilities that can arise when we switch our default mindset from expecting the worst to expecting miracles. 

For those of you exploring abundance mindset, this concept fits the theme.

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