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What's Stopping You?!

What's stopping you? Where are you blocked? What are you wanting, but not getting? This vlog explores two different avenues that could potentially be blocking you from getting what you desire.


They are important to distinguish from one another. Skills are your RESOURCES and TECHNICAL ABILITIES, where as will is your BEING and WILLINGNESS.  This vlog gives examples of where skills and will show up for growing a business, dating, and negotiating a salary; however, this little nugget can be used with your discretion for so much more!

If you are able to identify one of these as the reason for your blockage, then  you can use your new awareness to get some forward movement in your life! Shake up your current situation by getting some more skills or changing up your will. 

Is this scary? Yeah. 

Is this the easy way through life? No. 

Is this a strategy that could result in some pretty powerful change? Definitely. 

When one rises, we all rise. Cheers to each of us on our journey to our most authentic, next level, higher selves!

If this nugget was the Ah Ha you've been seeking, please share.

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Meditation: What They Don't Tell You.

Is meditation intimidating to you, but deep down you have a knowing that you would benefit from it? Do you ever think, "I can't do meditation" or "What if I fall asleep?" or "5 minutes is sooooo long" or "I tried meditation, and in 1 minute I start to think. I give up.”

If you thought any of these things, this vlog is for you. I am sick of people putting meditation in a box and making people believe there is a right and wrong way of doing it. The truth is ANYONE CAN DO MEDITATION--THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY--AND IT CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE!

I hope that this vlog puts meditation into a new perspective for you. I hope that something you hear will give you the courage and inspiration to give it a chance, because living with no stress and IN THE MOMENT (i.e. being present) is something everyone deserves to experience. Namaste.

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