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What's Stopping You?!

What's stopping you? Where are you blocked? What are you wanting, but not getting? This vlog explores two different avenues that could potentially be blocking you from getting what you desire.


They are important to distinguish from one another. Skills are your RESOURCES and TECHNICAL ABILITIES, where as will is your BEING and WILLINGNESS.  This vlog gives examples of where skills and will show up for growing a business, dating, and negotiating a salary; however, this little nugget can be used with your discretion for so much more!

If you are able to identify one of these as the reason for your blockage, then  you can use your new awareness to get some forward movement in your life! Shake up your current situation by getting some more skills or changing up your will. 

Is this scary? Yeah. 

Is this the easy way through life? No. 

Is this a strategy that could result in some pretty powerful change? Definitely. 

When one rises, we all rise. Cheers to each of us on our journey to our most authentic, next level, higher selves!

If this nugget was the Ah Ha you've been seeking, please share.

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Third Party Compliments

Let's help each other heal by sharing the good things other people say about us when we are not around. Third party compliments help us to participate deeper in life, share life with others, and rewrite the negative narrative of gossip. 

This video explores the difficulty and distrust we sometimes feel around receiving compliments directly. Having the buffer of a Third Party Compliment eliminates the second guessing to allow us to fully accept acknowledgement of who we are and what we do incredibly well--even if it's uncomfortable. This video also discusses the pressure of giving a compliment immediately after receiving one: the good news is that Third Party Compliments eliminate that pressure completely!

It's time we all elevate one another. The time of living in our heads with panic about what others say about us is coming to an end. Let's express kindness, goodness, and authenticity through Third Party Compliments. How will you participate? As Compliment Creator, Receiver, or the very important Compliment Sharer?

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