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Life Long Learner or Perfectionist: Which Are You?

So many Perfectionists are walking around telling folks they are Life Long Learners--I've been guilty of it myself! 

What if screwing up could be fun? What if getting it wrong means making it so much better? What if there was no more pressure to get it right the FIRST time? 

This vlog dives into the felt differences of Perfectionists and Life Long Learners. I hope this information creates some opening in your life--It DEFINITELY did for mine!

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Third Party Compliments

Let's help each other heal by sharing the good things other people say about us when we are not around. Third party compliments help us to participate deeper in life, share life with others, and rewrite the negative narrative of gossip. 

This video explores the difficulty and distrust we sometimes feel around receiving compliments directly. Having the buffer of a Third Party Compliment eliminates the second guessing to allow us to fully accept acknowledgement of who we are and what we do incredibly well--even if it's uncomfortable. This video also discusses the pressure of giving a compliment immediately after receiving one: the good news is that Third Party Compliments eliminate that pressure completely!

It's time we all elevate one another. The time of living in our heads with panic about what others say about us is coming to an end. Let's express kindness, goodness, and authenticity through Third Party Compliments. How will you participate? As Compliment Creator, Receiver, or the very important Compliment Sharer?

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Meditation: What They Don't Tell You.

Is meditation intimidating to you, but deep down you have a knowing that you would benefit from it? Do you ever think, "I can't do meditation" or "What if I fall asleep?" or "5 minutes is sooooo long" or "I tried meditation, and in 1 minute I start to think. I give up.”

If you thought any of these things, this vlog is for you. I am sick of people putting meditation in a box and making people believe there is a right and wrong way of doing it. The truth is ANYONE CAN DO MEDITATION--THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY--AND IT CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE!

I hope that this vlog puts meditation into a new perspective for you. I hope that something you hear will give you the courage and inspiration to give it a chance, because living with no stress and IN THE MOMENT (i.e. being present) is something everyone deserves to experience. Namaste.

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