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Life Long Learner or Perfectionist: Which Are You?

So many Perfectionists are walking around telling folks they are Life Long Learners--I've been guilty of it myself! 

What if screwing up could be fun? What if getting it wrong means making it so much better? What if there was no more pressure to get it right the FIRST time? 

This vlog dives into the felt differences of Perfectionists and Life Long Learners. I hope this information creates some opening in your life--It DEFINITELY did for mine!

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Thinking: Do You Do It?

Thinking is a muscle, how often do you exercise it? 

This video looks at two different ways of being in the world--reactive and intentional--and the role healthy thinking plays in each. 

Exercising the Thinking Muscle is beneficial to all aspects of our lives. When our Thinking Muscle is strong we can be more satisfied in our every day life. When our Thinking Muscle is weak we get caught in overthinking and reactivity. 

I briefly share one thinking palette (or thinking process) called the Artful Thinking Palette that strengthens our Thinking Muscle. See-Wonder-Connect helps me slow down, explore range of possibilities, and consciously choose how I will move forward. 

The Artful Thinking Palette comes from Harvard Graduate School

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